Nov. 17, 2020

108 Pandemic Fatigue

108 Pandemic Fatigue

Coping Strategies for Uncertain Times

In this episode, co-hosts John, Lisa, and Kim are sharing strategies for coping with pandemic fatigue, along with Stephanie Murphy, an art therapist. The crew came up with several good ideas and phrased them beautifully. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Depression could be caused by the lack of future projection. So make plans for how you’re going to celebrate when it’s over.
  • Create wholesome routines. John, in California, takes a walk-and-talk every morning with Stephanie, who’s in Santa Fe. They get the benefits of relationships, exercise, nature, and conversation.
  • Walking a dog has similar health/mental health benefits. But even if you don’t have a dog, routinely take walks.
  • Create family Zoom meetups. Play games. Laugh. Have a dance party, complete with costumes.
  • Too much screen time creating eyestrain and causing headaches? Get some blue-light filter glasses.
  • Do whatever it is that you consider a spiritual practice. Meditations. Deep breathing exercises. Yoga. Journaling. 
  • Look or sit outside. Check out the birds. 
  • Angry? Make angry art!
  • Family tension? Throw a family tantrum!
  • Write a love letter to yourself. You deserve it.
  • Share your own strategies with the Alternative Health Tools community by sending an email to one of the hosts, or Stephanie.

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