Aug. 12, 2022

How to Reap the Benefits of Self-Compassion By Investing in These Budget-Friendly Items

From a young age, we’re taught to be nice to others, but seldom do we hear the need to be nice to ourselves. In today’s internet-driven world,  where we’re constantly bombarded with the highs and riches of others on social media, it is easy to develop a negative self-image. This is reflected in research conducted by Select Health which states that regular social media use leads to toxic comparisons and lower self-worth. Additionally, living a sedentary lifestyle leads to individuals having low energy, poor confidence, and health issues which worsens the problem. The good news is that all these behaviors can be changed in a short period through sound planning and commitment. In this article, we’ll explore the best ways to practice self-compassion and the health benefits it provides.

Start Eating Healthy

If a friend were moving into a new home, one of the first things you’d think of gifting them would be a kitchen appliance such as a blender. And why not, it’s a practical gift that helps them eat better and be healthier. Well, now it’s time to buy one for yourself. Adding a blender to your kitchen means you can make juices and shakes in an instant and never have an excuse to not eat healthily. 

Other appliances to gift yourself include:

  • Food Chopper: This tool will help you cut all kinds of veggies in an instant, making meal prep super easy and quick. Not only will meal prep significantly reduce grocery costs but it will help you eat nutritious meals every day.
  • Rice Cooker: Rice is a staple inclusion in most meal prep recipes, and having a rice cooker means you don’t need to physically be in the kitchen while your food cooks.

Practice Home Workouts

As reported by Mayo Clinic, exercise is a natural stress buster that promotes happier moods, helps individuals develop good self-worth, and maintain a healthy weight. Next time you go shopping, make the conscious choice of investing in your health and purchase the following:

  • Exercise Mat: This is a multipurpose item that can be used to practice body-weight exercises, meditation, and stretching drills. 
  • Resistance Bands: For beginners, resistance bands are a great way to develop correct form while enjoying early gains. 

Update Your Wardrobe

One of the best examples of the benefits of self-compassion is retail therapy, i.e., going shopping to make ourselves feel better. The reason shopping makes us feel better is that when we buy clothing we like; it leads to a dopamine response in our brain which instantly makes us feel happier. Additionally, buying new clothes which make us look good daily can improve self-confidence. So if a wardrobe revamps is overdue, here’s what to buy:

  • Formals: A couple of pairs of formal wear which help you look sharp and confident in the workspace.
  • Night Suits: Cotton night suits or pajamas provide you the best comfort once you’re home from a long day at work.
  • Lingerie: Women should consider purchasing non-underwire elastic bras or bralettes, which are a great option for sleeping.

Create a Self-Care Space

Whether you love reading, drawing, journaling, or meditating, create time in your daily schedule to practice a hobby. Hobbies provide numerous mental health benefits and are a great outlet for relieving stress and developing self-confidence. Create a space in your home dedicated to your hobby where you can disconnect from the world and be at peace. If you’re facing a space crunch, consider the following:

  • Rent a Storage Space: Consider moving excess belongings to a storage unit to free up space at home. Check out all the storage units in the San Diego area—you can find a 5’ x 5’ unit for under $60 per month.
  • Buy Vertical Shelving: If you can create space by simply reorganizing belongings, vertical shelving is the best way to store a large number of goods in a limited space. 

By making the simple commitment of being nice to yourself, you’ll experience various positive changes in your health and lifestyle. Investing in items such as clothing, exercise equipment, storage space, and more are various ways to sustain your commitment and ensure you stay on the right track.

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