March 5, 2021

Ideas for Getting Back on Your Feet After a Challenging Year

If you’re feeling weary after all that has happened in our world during the past 12 months, you aren’t alone. In fact, it’s safe to say that most people are feeling stressed. If you toss in with that a major lifestyle disruption, lost income, health issue or family problem, getting back on your feet can really be tough. 

Side gigs are a flexible solution, allowing you to boost your income when it works well for you and doing something you enjoy. You can navigate around family obligations, another job, medical appointments or what have you, and you can even determine who you work with and what you charge. 

Selling Crafts on Etsy

As The Talko explains, Etsy is a mixed bag. Some people just earn a little fun money selling goods there, while others earn a lucrative income. You could become their next great success story if you have a knack for creating original, artistic items and learn how to market them effectively. Etsy itself has a number of guides available to help you along in your new business venture.

Teaching a Musical Instrument 

Music lessons can be quite fruitful. For instance, guitar teachers charge well over $40 per hour in some locales, but there are ways to maximize your revenue and make even more. It’s often beneficial to maintain availability on weekends and evenings, when your students are more likely to be free. You might want to pick particular days and time slots so that you don’t end up working all the time, though. 

Watching People’s Pets

It’s your dream job if you love animals, and the income is nothing to sneeze at. Per Thimble, those who treat pet care like a full-time job make an average of $24,780 annually, and the top ten percent earn over $38,630. Plus there is the added benefit of stress relief that is associated with spending time with our furry companions!

Giving English Lessons

You may need to take a course and gain TESOL certification to find work easily, but once you do there are plenty of job opportunities that offer flexible hours as well as a decent paycheck with earnings of around $30 an hour. There’s a growing market for teachers working with children in China and other Asian countries with their strong devotion to education.

Driving Folks Around

Who hasn’t heard of Uber and Lyft? If you’ve got your own wheels, you can join the legions of drivers making extra cash ferrying folks around via these revolutionary new taxi services. You must be 21 years of age, have a valid U.S. driver’s license as well as at least one year’s experience driving or three if you’re under 23 and pass a background check, among other qualifications

Ease Into Things

Let’s face it — if you’re already feeling stretched thin, the idea of starting a new business might sound downright overwhelming. Whether it’s full-time or an occasional gig, launching a startup requires some work. Happily, there are tech tools and resources that can help. For instance, ZenBusiness offers an all in one platform for new entrepreneurs, and it covers everything from writing your business plan to making a website to registering your entity with your state. You can also find a lot of great information through the SBA, and you can even outsource some of your daily tasks. Don’t hesitate to unload some of the chores that come with your new venture so you can ease into it! 

Who knows? You may just find enough wealth and satisfaction in your side hustle to stop searching for a regular job. The freedom of being your own boss can be quite tempting!