Oct. 2, 2022

Recovery and Repair for Healthcare Providers: Returning to "Functional Repeated Trauma System" by Gretchen Schmelzer October 2, 2022

In the beginning of the pandemic, I was asked by a healthcare system to write a piece helping healthcare workers and their loved ones with the trauma of Covid 19. In the past two years I have had the privilege of working in health systems with passionate, dedicated, and truly exhausted healthcare providers—and it seems that it’s important to once again help this group of people with the recovery and repair necessary as we go through this stage of the pandemic—as it shifts to being a chronic stressor. This is a follow up to that first piece. It is longer than my typical blog pieces because it is meant to be a comprehensive resource for people who need the information all in one place. Please share in any network you think would be helpful.

The complete article is here http://gretchenschmelzer.com/blog-1/2022/10/2/recovery-and-repair-for-healthcare-providers-returning-to-functional-repeated-trauma-systems