Sept. 28, 2022

Taking Care of You: 6 Simple Head to Toe Health Strategies

We all need a little self-care in our lives. After all, family responsibilities, work, and social commitments can mount to high heights, leaving us drained and empty. That’s where head-to-toe health comes in, by providing us with the tools and resources needed to fuel our mind and body. If you’ve been looking to up your wellness game, Alternative Health Tools has some simple strategies you can implement right now!

1) Eat Healing Foods

You need a balanced diet to boost your overall wellness. Be sure to get a good dose of carbs, veg, protein, and healthy fats in each meal. If you enjoy fried junk food (we’re all guilty of this one), try to think of what you can add to your diet to ‘healthify’ it, rather than trying to cut down on the bad stuff all at once. In addition, try to take control of your microbiome and gut health; fermented foods, prebiotics, and probiotics can help you do this.  You’ll benefit from improved emotional control, immune system management, and digestion once you start adding gut-healthy ingredients into your diet.

2) Create a Peaceful Home Environment

You know what they say - home is where the heart is. Take that motto to heart and create a space where you feel your happiest. Our home environment can impact our quality of life and be the distinguishing factor between just surviving and thriving. The first step to take in your home transformation project is to declutter. Downsizing your belongings will help you feel more in control of your environment and is a great stress-reducer. You can do this by reorganizing your closets and cabinets and donating or throwing away old items that no longer serve you. Next, create a room or nook in your home that is a serene spot for contemplation and reflection. Set up your meditation spot with soft, warm lights, candles, and relaxing decor. Another tip to create a peaceful home haven is to surround yourself with many plants! Greenery is a great way to get your daily dose of nature in and reap the calming benefits of nature.

3) Natural Remedies for the Win 

A natural health approach offers a more balanced way to live than conventional medicine. Using integrative and functional medicine remedies in everyday life is a great way to see long-term results. For example, if you’ve been low energy and exhausted, try a massage or acupressure therapy to revive the energy points in the body. Feeling lethargic and sluggish? Go for a complete food detox to flush out those toxins! Be sure to get your essential nutrients, too - natural health supplements like adaptogens, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B12 are a great way to do this.

4) Keep Your Air Clean

Another critical step in managing your health and wellness is to regulate the air quality in your home. According to the National Lung Association, over 135 million Americans are at risk of unhealthy ozone levels and particle pollution. This can lead to underlying health conditions like asthma, lung cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Be sure to use air filters in your home, as they eliminate 90% of dust, pollen, and smoke particles. You could also consider getting an air purifier, especially if you live with pets or in a heavy pollen area.

5) Wake up Early

Waking up relatively early is another excellent tool for optimal health. Our body and brain follow the circadian rhythm, which regulates sleep and wake patterns according to the environment. By following your body’s natural sleep cycle, your cortisol levels will go down, and your metabolism, immune functioning, stress, and energy levels will all improve.

6) Treat Yourself

Even if finances are tight, don’t forget that you still need to reward yourself on occasion. Investing in stylish but affordable clothing is a nice way to boost your confidence. And by doing so, you can also increase your energy levels and your overall productivity, as well!

We are only as strong as our health. After all, we don’t have much else left without a solid and sound mind-body-soul connection. Take control of your lifestyle today by implementing these health strategies. You’ll feel better and live brighter for it!

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