Oct. 9, 2014

Ep. 005 Erin Johnson: Mindful Nourishment - a strategy for change

Ep. 005 Erin Johnson: Mindful Nourishment - a strategy for change

Tranquil Transformation - Guide your Listening


Topics covered in this show

Gaining health through meditation and mindful nourishment - Tranquil Transformation.
Erin’s previous work included strategy and planning for the Economist and Forbes magazine.
Soul searching brought Erin to meditation and started a change in her life.
Mantras - Words with a frequency to help calm thoughts and the mind.
Light and Chakras explained. Visualization and Color. Scientifically proven and backed.
Assessing what integrative approach to take and for what reasons.
Making meditation simple to integrate into your life. How long should you meditate and how often?
Stories, challenges and examples.
Addictive foods and medications. A plan to stop - Mindful Nourishment. Hydration with good water.
David Deida - living as love. 

Health tip: Begin a breathing practise to get in touch with your breath. Start a practise of meditation so you can learn to pause and become self-aware for seeking balance.

Links mentioned

Erin Johnson’s website GLISTEN Request a FREE 20-minute consultation
Transcendental Meditation
David Deida

Contact information

Erin Johnson, GLISTEN
13754 Mango Drive, Suite 128
Del Mar, CA 92014

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