Oct. 29, 2014

Ep. 007 Lisa Kalison-Tota: Breast Health Awareness - saving our breast friends

Ep. 007 Lisa Kalison-Tota: Breast Health Awareness - saving our breast friends

Thermography - seeing what we can’t feel and beyond


Lisa Kalison is founder of Discovery Screening, an Advanced Medical Thermal Imaging company dedicated to “Saving Breasts and Saving Lives”. She is a Certified Clinical Thermographer, Certified Professional Health Consultant, and has spent 35 years researching Integrative and  Natural healing methods.

Lisa’s passion for health led to her certification as a teacher and course leader for Total Health Mastery, a series of courses and certifications in the newest, scientifically researched and proven data in a system of health education training.

Lisa was led to Thermography as a patient in 2007, after finding a lump in her left breast . . . but we’ll let her tell the story.

Topics covered in this show
Who is Lisa Kalison-Tota, CCT, CMP HC? Certified Clinical Thermographer. Professional Health Consultant.
Born in Chicago. Raised with an athletic background.
Moved to California in her 20’s.
She thought she was healthy and then discovered real energy after doing an intensive cleanse leading her to becoming and student of nutrition and starting Discovery Screening.
We’re not taught that cancer cells are microscopic.
It takes 8 to 10 years for a mammography to see the caner.
1 in 78 men will die of prostate cancer if you don’t cut into it and leave it alone.
48 in 78 men will die of prostate cancer once it’s been biopsied or cut out.
Thermal Imaging explained. Functional Medicine? The function of the body.
Thermal emissions.
The silent language of the immune system.
Specifically “Breast Health.”
Disease may be “trauma based.”
Gut health is key for good health.
Only 10% of the time is pain your first indicator. 90% of the time it’s your last. So you don’t want to wait until you feel something. Inflammation is the precursor to most diseases.
The gift of thermography - seeing what we can’t feel.
Visualize what you can’t feel. Have thermography yearly as a part of your physical exam.
The history of thermography since 1955.
The immune system keeps us healthy and alive and allows us to survive through treatment.
Please have respect for your doctors. They have to recommend what they’re doing or they can be held liable.
The Institute for Functional Medicine.
We’re in a time of "medical darkness."
We have skin for a reason.
Living in a toxic soup.
Toxins out, nutrition in, proper rest and our bodies heal themselves.
Prevention. Prevention. Prevention.
92 to 95% of all supplements contain toxins.
Digestion starts with your teeth and most disease starts from bad digestion.
Structural, dental, intestinal, endocrine works in concert with the immune system.
Get ahead of your mammogram with thermal imaging.
An educated person is an empowered person. Better decisions, more educated choices, better results, feel better.
Commercialized medicine.
Pain pushes and vision pulls.
Lisa Kalison-Tota tells a client’s story.
Cancer is not a death sentence. It’s a wakeup call and our immune system saying it needs help.
Cancer tricks the brain.
Prevention is about keeping the immune system freed up to do it’s job.

Wellness Tip:
Cleaning and detoxing.

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Contact information
Lisa Kalison-Tota, CCT, CMP HC
Certified Clinical Thermographer
Professional Health Consultant
Office: 760-436-8811

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