Dec. 2, 2015

034 Neil Denaut : Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching

034 Neil Denaut : Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching

Rebalancing Your #Body And #Stretching Your #Mind" with Neil Denaut

Neil Denaut II, Muscle Therapy San Diego is a non-traditional approach to eliminating pain so that you can quickly get back to living. Muscle Therapy features the Eccentric Muscle Rebalancing protocol and is treated with Ki-hara Resistance Stretching. These techniques allow us to see precisely where YOUR pain originated and we correct where the imbalance where it first occurred. The results are pain relief, strength increases, and significant improvement in your ability to move around.

We are essentially erasing the old patterns that your brain/body have been using by rebalancing your muscles so they can re-learn how to work correctly. Once we get you there your brain will take care of the rest. This is what helps to keep your body pain free and improve every activity in your life!

Muscle Therapy is also great for high-level athletes, pre/post-natal women, and even helps restore mobility to those that suffer from Parkinson’s disease.

Wellness Tip
Your body is designed to heal and can fix almost everything as long as it’s not physically broken.

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Ki-hara Resistance Training started by Bob Cooley
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Neil Denaut II
Muscle Therapy San Diego
Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching
2835 Camino Del Rio S Ste 215
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