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Alyssa Couture, the founder of HEALTHY FASHION CAMPAIGN: a fresh-inspired business on fashion design + apparel made to support human and environmental health. I am the fashion author of HEALTHY FASHION: THE DEEPER TRUTHS.

Alyssa is a fashion intuitive and a healthy fashion practitioner. Her work supports the fashion industry into its course as a therapeutic, healing tool-- to help initiate the consciousness of the human spirit via fashion into its transmission of divine activity for overall human health and well-being. Fashion for health is also a major contributing factor for ultimate planetary awakening.

Alyssa Couture is an author, fashion designer, and fashion entrepreneur. She is currently focused on her fresh-inspired Healthy Fashion Campaign in conjunction with promoting her fashion book. Her book establishes an alternative approach to clothing.

Alyssa is a fashion industry expert, with over 15 years of fashion industry experience in a number of roles. Some of these include fashion business, fashion designing, creative directing, styling, merchandising, journalism, fashion retailing, and fashion show production.

Apart from fashion, she has a spiritually driven lifestyle, having previously lived in several ashrams and monasteries. She is a professional fine artist/illustrator with published and sold works to follow. She is a major foodie and former chef claiming 5 Star reviews. Alyssa has lived and worked in NH, NYC, New Jersey, West Virginia, Michigan, and in her most favored and current location: California. Her love of travel has given her the opportunity to explore different cultures and influence her outlook.

Alyssa has always had an interest in fashion. She went to college for fashion design and has been working in fashion for quite some time. She is a fashion designer, having previously launched a small, handmade fashion brand: Alternative Fashion.

Naturally being an optimistic person, she noticed an emptiness and lack of spirit and health in fashion in general. She was then inspired to write a book that would be attributed as modern, fresh, and high-fashion for the New Age. She considers herself a fashion intuitive, and over the years she has created interesting, new concepts for fashion both through artistic, philosophical channels.

Healthy Fashion is more than a book, it is an experience, revealing the deeper truths of fashion. The book is grounded in bringing both science and spirit together. The fashion concepts and theories are sure to inspire.