Ep. 019 Jen Healy: Aerial Yoga Play and Quantum Energetics

Bonus Video!

Jen Healy

From Engineering to Aerial Yoga Play. Quantum-playtion - Learning Physics through play. Accessing your Power, Purpose and Passion through Play. "Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold." - Joseph Chilton Pearce. Zen Healyng and Quantum Healyng Energetics. Increasing the Fun Factor. More on the Yoga Swing and Aerial Yoga. The emotional feedback system. All your issues are in your tissues. Empowered Body Play. Cocooning in the Yoga Swing.

Wellness Tip

Play and hang upside down. Increase your “high fun-factor.” Make whatever you do into a game.

Links mentioned

https://www.DeepakChopra.com/ Book: The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Successhttp://www.EckhartTolle.com/

A Course in Miracles 

Contact information

Jen Healy 415-531-8972 www.ZenHealyng.comwww.AerialYogaPlay.com

www.TheQuantumPlayground.com Article link: http://www.zenhealyng.com/featured/home-6-recent/article-quantum-playtion