Ep. 059 Ashley Mazanec: Let’s Talk About the Weather

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Ashley Mazanec

is an eco musician and environmental justice advocate based in the San Diego area. She is a trusted voice in the movement towards a compassionate economy. Whether reaching audiences through song, speech, or environmental events, she aims to raise awareness of policies, technologies, science, and arts that have the power to balance the earth's ecosystem with our economy. She has performed alongside legendary artists, spoken on college panels, been broadcast over public radio, and supported sustainability and festival events. A pianist since early childhood and recording artist since 2003, her original music is featured in corporate stores such as TJ Maxx, Hershey's, and Abercrombie Kids. Ashley's new LP, Let's Talk About the Weather, can be found across media channels, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play Music and Bandcamp. Visit her Facebook page for updates and stay tuned for her conscious progressive rock band, The Altruists.

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Live Compassion. Compassion for yourself. Compassion for your neighbor. Compassion for other creatures. Ask “Did I live compassion today?”

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Ashley Mazanec 760-815-4652 Ashleymazanec@gmail.comwww.AshleyMazanec.com