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Bonus Video!

Lisa Thorp, COO IntellBio

Everything Is energy and frequency. The healing frequencies of Theta and Alpha. Being Alpha deprived. Functional and Integrative Medicine defined. Lisa’s search towards her path to the Thorp Institute and IntellBio. Meeting John Thorp. Raised with Eagles. Running the distributorship for the Electro Acuscope and the Electro Myopulse. The Electro ProScope. The joy of being an entrepreneur, creating an opportunity, making a difference in the world. Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma (DTABG) frequencies. The healing frequencies of Theta and Alpha. We are Alpha deprived and what the ProScope does. Celiacs and Gluten. Dreaming awake. Giving the body what it needs to heal itself. Earthing from Dr. Sinatra. To maintain wellness FEED the body. Fuel correctly. Exercise. Electrify (energize). Detoxify.

Wellness Tip

Become aware that everything is energy. That changes everything for someone seeking health and wellness. Invision you’re well. Smile. 

Links mentioned

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IntellBio’s The Electro ProScope and Equine ProScope Earthing

Grounding - Earthing video by Dr. Sinatra

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Lisa Thorp IntellBio 914 N. Coast Hwy 101 Suite B Encinitas, CA 92024 858-539-6111 lisa@intellbio.com