Ep. 039 Kristen Scott: Healthy Network Marketing Wisdom

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Kristen Scott

is a Niche Specialist and Marketing/Branding Consultant helping people find their FIT in Business. For over a decade, Kristen Scott has been an entrepreneur and network marketer. Over the years, Kristen has used her degrees in Psychology and Kinesiology (Exercise Science), as well as lots of research, personal development, and studying successful people, to build thriving businesses. Kristen has always gravitated toward "Attraction Marketing" - even before there was such a thing! After years of interacting with other small business owners and network marketers via networking groups, conferences, social media, and of course building her own teams, Kristen has come to see a growing need to share what she knows with others looking to build a business in a way that is not only effective, but also authentic and personalized. "After over a decade as an entrepreneur, I am sharing what I’ve learned so that others can create a lifestyle and income that’s the perfect ‘fit’ for them. I found my ‘FIT’ as an entrepreneur and designed my BizFit Program so others can do the same. I created BizFit to help YOU Find YOUR Fit by helping you design a business model that takes your expertise and interests into account while also increasing your immediate income and long term success via targeted and optimized marketing as well as a passive/residual income stream that is not reliant on outside sources." - Kristen Scott

Wellness Tip

Everything starts with YOU taking personal responsibility for your life.

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