Ep. 040 Mahankirn Kaur: Kundalini Yoga Demystified

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Mahankirn Kaur

is a Los Angeles based global yogi and healer. At age 18 Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini, named Mahankirn as his personal assistant and trained her in the sacred art of healing with inner silence, Sat Nam Rasayan®. She was then appointed as his personal healer until his passing ten years later. Life for Mahankirn was going well until at the age of 25 she sprained her ankle at the beach and developed a life debilitating paralysis in her right leg that left her wheelchair bound and in intense pain. After seeking help from hundreds of doctors and specialists around the country, Yogi Bhajan gave her the teaching of Mah Boundlotus® from which she healed herself. When she asked Yogi Bhajan why he had waited to teach her this technique he told her that it was because she needed to learn from this experience “that we are perfectly imperfect and imperfectly perfect”. It became her passion to share this knowledge with everyone and teach these healing techniques that had helped her so much. She has taught healing workshops, Kundalini yoga and Mah Boundlotus to tens of thousands of people around the world. Students expressed the need to integrate yoga on the mat into their everyday stressful lives. Mahankirn created Three Min Start® to address this issue and to share with everyone. She spent over a year going over her personal notes from her 20 years spent with Yogi Bhajan and distilled them to created Three Min Start techniques that anyone could do regardless of age or physical ability to quickly balance and de-stress in three minutes. She is the author of two books, Mah Boundlotus and Three Min Start, Three Min Start is available in Book, DVD, eBook, iPhone and Android Apps. For every book sold, one book is donated to kids at risk and women’s shelters. Mahankirn has studied with the only two living masters of the ancient healing technology from India known as Sat Nam Rasayan, Yogi Bhajan and Guru Dev Singh. She has received the highest level of certification in this healing modality.

Wellness Tip

Look into the mirror. Look yourself in the eye. Smile and say you love yourself. Say it until you feel it and believe it.

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