Ep. 043 Tara Tylicki: Natural Healing From Around The World Brought Right To You

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Tara Tylicki, HHP, CMT

a Holistic Health Practitioner has been actively training for over 17 years in techniques of healing for your Body, Mind, and Soul. She has traveled the world in her studies going to such amazing places as Peru, Tibet, Nepal, South Africa, Egypt, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and even to some powerful places in the USA such as Sedona, AZ and the Hawaiian Islands. She has been honored to have studied with Peruvian, Hawaiian, Native American, Amazon, Ecuadorian, Aboriginal, Tibetan, Zulu, and other Indigenous Medicine People. Tara was born & lived most of her life on the East Coast leaving an Amazing practice, where she helped hundreds of people, to grow it here in the Beautiful San Diego Area. Raised with Community & Family values from her parents who were a Navy Captain and a Nurse in New England. She was called to do natural healing work after it helped her heal from her own surgery and illness as a teenager. Many of the indigenous shamans have said she has a beautiful heart and has been a healer many lifetimes and this is her path this life as well. As she explored ancient ways of healing she found a love of the earth in their cultures and beliefs that fueled a passion to help people to heal the world over. Tara has also trained extensively in therapeutic bodywork to learn the skills to help people & animals recover from injury, surgery, physical trauma or discomfort as well as relaxation techniques. Along with Medical Massage & being a Holistic Health Practitioner she has trained with Dr. Maka’ala Yates in Hawaiian massage and has many years of advanced training with John Barnes, a world-renowned Physical Therapist. Tara has also participated in events, ceremony and presentations to bring awareness, and is excited to be teaching. Tara is continuously furthering her educational achievements and remains dedicated and honored to help others in their own journeys. She looks forward to working with you!

Wellness Tip

You’re Loved. You are loved to be in existence.

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