Ep. 068 Station Co-Lab: Play, Pray, Learn and Grow

Bonus Video!

Craig Saloner and Robert Goodman

The Station Collaborative Learning Institute is a non-profit 501C-3 organization whose mission is to empower leaders to thrive through learning, healing, collaboration and service. They envision a world of healthy, cultivated leaders and their followers who work together to solve seemingly unsolvable problems. At a time when humanity is facing wrenching disruptions and relentless turmoil, our relationships with ourselves, one another and the earth are severed and suffering. Founded in 2016, the Station Co-Lab was developed to create spaces where decision makers, innovators, leaders of self and enterprise come to get nourished and trained for the challenges we face. "We are here to make a stand for the tenacity of the human spirit to adapt to these tribulations and emerge with exhilarating advancements with unlimited promise."

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Craig Saloner / CEO Station Co-Lab Robert Goodman / COO Station Co-Lab Station Co-Lab 6350 Yarrow Drive, A Carlsbad, CA 92011 Office 858-376-7254 www.StationCoLab.orgWorkshops and Events Schedule