Ep. 030 Lisa Kalison: Thermography Breast Health Awareness Month

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The Gifts of Thermal Imaging

The Gifts of Thermal Imaging[/caption]

Lisa Kalison-Tota, CCT, CMP HC

October is NOT "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" it’s "Breast Health Awareness Month" as you’ll find out in this episode. Packed with knowledge and fueled with passion Lisa Kalison is founder of Discovery Screening, an Advanced Medical Thermal Imaging company dedicated to “Saving Breasts and Saving Lives”. She is a Certified Clinical Thermographer, Certified Professional Health Consultant, and has spent 35 years researching Integrative and Natural healing methods. Lisa’s passion for health led to her certification as a teacher and course leader for Total Health Mastery, a series of courses and certifications in the newest, scientifically researched and proven data in a system of health education training. Lisa was led to Thermography as a patient in 2007, after finding a lump in her left breast . . . but we’ll let her tell the story.

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Cleaning and detoxing.

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Lisa Kalison-Tota, CCT, CMP HC Certified Clinical Thermographer Professional Health Consultant Office: 760-436-8811 lisa@discoveryscreening.comwww.DiscoveryScreening.com

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