Ep. 038 Natasha Leger: Travel Healthy - A Road Warrior’s Guide to Eating Healthy

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Natasha Leger “Nouri" Is The New Food

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Eating healthily on business travel is challenging not only because travelers are often confronted with more unhealthy options than healthy ones, but because no one really knows what food is anymore. Food is no longer an appropriate term to describe what we should be consuming to be optimally healthy. The fastest way to make healthy eating choices while on the road and at home, is to change your vocabulary. Words influence our perception and behavior. Words have power. The new word for food is nouri. Learn how nouri will forever change your perspective on what to eat, and make eating healthy on the road easy? Natasha Léger is an international trade attorney turned global strategy consultant to start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. She is Founder and President of ITF Advisors, a strategy advisory firm and co-Founder and Editor of LBx Journal, a location intelligence magazine. Natasha is passionate about living a healthy, happy life while being a road warrior, and is author of Travel Healthy: A Road Warrior’s Guide to Eating Healthy.

Wellness Tip

Change the word for food to Nouri. The word for food has no meaning. Change your vocabulary for the meaning of the word food.

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www.TravelHealthyBook.comGlobal Business Travel Wellness Associates

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Natasha Leger nouri@travelhealthybook.comwww.TravelHealthyBook.com

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