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I like this podcast, but

Love the qigong episodes, but after two of them you'd think she would catch on to the pronunciation 😂 driving me crazy

What a great gem !!

I'm so excited to of had found this Podcast! There are so many episodes I want to listen to and learn from. The information given from the engaging conversation is so rich and full of wisdom and life! Thank you for the powerful reminder of : All things work for the good and do the most resourceful thing to help yourself! Much Gratitude to you

Go beyond the drugs and learn alternative healthcare

What's great about this show is they interview Alternative Healthcare Practioners most often who had health issues, discovered alternative tools and methods to turn-around their own issues THEN persued the education and credentials required to help other people with simular issues. LOVE IT!


I love this podcast! I've learned so much that I had no idea about and enjoy sharing the information/podcast with my friends.