Feb. 5, 2020

089 Self-care and Stress

089 Self-care and Stress

Exploring the concept of self-care and how this can reduce the impact of stress


In this episode, we talk about things we can proactively do to minimize stress.

John Biethan talks about a defining moment in his life and how his heart attack was brought on by stress, he changed many things in his life from this point forward, introducing a ‘self-care’ regime. He is an advocate of planning for the unplanned, living a more balanced lifestyle, living within your means, introducing 5-minute meditations throughout the day and walking in nature

Lisa Victoria talks about challenging your ‘norm’ - your daily routine. Do you have reminders on your emails that pop up and distract you from tasks throughout the day, breaking your concentration? Can you turn these off? This and many more time management tips can be found through Smarter Not Harder.

Lisa also talks about the defining moment in her life which took her on a journey to becoming a Holistic Health Coach and Nutritionist, it’s not just our thoughts and sleep that can affect stress but also sugar we consume.

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