March 4, 2020

091 Clare Gott: Weight Loss

091 Clare Gott: Weight Loss

How to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way without another diet or feeling deprived

Clare Gott believes that every individual deserves to be as healthy, happy and productive as they can be. She is a highly experienced resident Nutritionist educating in multiple doctors surgeries in the Midlands. She specializes in weight loss and reversing modern-day health conditions through nutrition.

Today Lisa is talking with Clare Gott about:

  • The different diets that are available
  • The best ways to lose weight
  • Healthy living
  • Fruit and “Are we eating the right fruit and fiber?”
  • And what about fat and cholesterol?
  • And carbohydrates?

Lisa and Clare ask and discuss “What makes up your plate? What about food versus exercise? What are the benefits of weight loss other than weight?”

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