April 22, 2020

093 Lindsay Banks: Reiki and Alternative Healing To Relieve Stress

093 Lindsay Banks: Reiki and Alternative Healing To Relieve Stress

How to look after your mind and body to deal with stressful situations

In this episode, we explore different ways of healing the mind and body with Reiki, distance healing, journaling, practicing gratitude and mindfulness.

Lindsay Banks “Having gone through my own spiritual awakening back in 2017 I now support others through theirs. My own awakening was triggered through the loss of my best friend to cancer, shortly followed by the collapse of my marriage. I didn’t felt like I was being true to me anymore. I had become emotionally numb to life. In order to get through it, I utilized every tool I had in my spiritual toolbox.

I had read about mindfulness, meditation but wasn’t practicing it. I started to meditate, to connect with myself again. Speaking with Angels, using crystals, practicing Reiki on myself. I did what I could to get me through a difficult, dark time. And I did get through it. When I did I put these tools into a book so others could utilize them to help them on their path. A Gentle Hug for the Soul was born in Oct 2018.”

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