May 7, 2020

094 Karen Berzanski: Remaining Curious About What Might Be Possible

094 Karen Berzanski: Remaining Curious About What Might Be Possible

A healing journey like no other

Topics included in this episode

  • Meeting Karen in one of Mary Cravet’s weekly Watch Us THRIVE Zoom calls.
  • Debbie Ford was an American self-help author, coach, lecturer, and teacher, most known for the New York Times best-selling book, The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, which aimed to help readers overcome their shadow side with the help of modern psychology and spiritual practices.
  • Spiritual bypass or bypassing is a tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds, and unfinished developmental tasks
  • We give Karen a version upgrade to “K2.0.”
  • Dr. Herbert Benson coined the term "Relaxation Response" and is defined as your personal ability to encourage your body to release chemicals and brain signals that make your muscles and organs slow down and increase blood flow to the brain. Karen calls this “peace brain.”
  • Karen and John share their mutual love for music.
  • John shares a bit about his musical background. They discuss the healing properties of music. Karen talks about her personal healing experience listening to Jason Mraz’s song “I’m Yours.” They agree that music is healing and music is medicine.
  • Karen describes EFT Tapping, “Emotional Freedom Techniques.”
  • “In 2008, I was hit and run over by a car.” Her story is here and talks about the following experiences she had at the Esalen Institute in NorCal and the Chopra Center in SoCal.
  • Karen has a healing experience with an Ayurvedic doctor and experiences “The compassionate witnessing presence for the experience another is having.”
  • Karen describes another “defining moment” in her life.
  • After visiting Esalen and SoCal, Karen makes a brave move from New Jersey to California.
  • Karen’s top-3 influences:
  • Karen leaves us with her final thought… “Remain curious about what might be possible.”

To experience a complete EFT Tapping session with Karen working with our Co-Host Lisa Victora who’s in the U.K., visit the YouTube videoAlternative Health Tools with Karen Berzanski on EFT Tapping.”

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