Sept. 15, 2020

103 Dr. Vani Moodley: Ayurvedic Wellness

103 Dr. Vani Moodley: Ayurvedic Wellness

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Host Lisa Victoria talks with Dr. Vani Moodley, an Ayurvedic practitioner based in England. She provides a fascinating overview of this holistic healing practice, which is rooted in ancient Indian wisdom and complements modern Western medicine. 

The emphasis in Ayurvedic medicine is on detailed, holistic diagnosis, mainly of the pulse, tongue, and iris. Based on results, tailor-made treatment plans are designed to suit each individual's needs and body type, involving diet, cleanses, nutrition, yoga, meditation, and supplements.

Dr. Moodley treats a wide variety of diseases and conditions and recommends Ayurveda even for those who feel healthy, as preventative medicine that promotes longevity and quality of life. “It's about putting those building blocks in place now,” she says, “to make sure we live long and healthy rather than long and unhealthy.”

She refers in the interview to original Ayurvedic medical texts, which are still used in the contemporary study of this ancient practice. 

Remarkably, Dr. Moodley is able to conduct consultations and recommend treatments online, from her base in England. Refer to her website for more information.

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