Sept. 29, 2020

104 Kim Shea: Coaching for Life’s Third Period

104 Kim Shea: Coaching for Life’s Third Period

Planning for a Purposeful Retirement

Retirement ain’t what it used to be. Because we live longer, it lasts longer, and Baby Boomers are wired to remain active and engaged well after their careers are over. There’s no map for this new stage of life, and that’s where Kim Shea comes in. Her business is called Aging Purposefully, and she calls herself a retirement coach and a purposeful living coach.

“My goal,” she says, “is to help people figure out how they can best spend their retirement years doing what it is that makes him feel like they have a reason to still be here every day.” 

“My ideal client would be somebody who's 55 or 60 and still has about five years left before they're ready to retire because then we can start to explore some things like what their hobbies are, where they want to live, what their main interests are so that when they do actually retire, it's a very smooth transition.”

That could mean laying the groundwork for a side-gig in semi-retirement. Or digging deep to assess what your spiritual or social or intellectual needs are, and planning to fulfill them in the absence of the structure that a job provides. 

Of course, entering that stage of life, it’s important to understand your health situation and plan to maintain fitness and wellness.

In addition to private coaching sessions, Shea offers webinars on various aspects of purposeful retirement, which are available through her website.

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