Oct. 15, 2020

105 Leea Pronovost: Take The Shamanic Journey

105 Leea Pronovost: Take The Shamanic Journey

And let the healing begin

Leea Pronovost suffered a near-death experience that awakened her, in middle age, to healing modalities that may sound exotic to some: Crystal Reiki, Energy Mastery, and Shamanic Healing. But her practice comes into focus as she walks host Kim Shea through a guided meditation. By the end of this session, it sounds like Kim is packing her psychic baggage to go on a Shamanic Journey with Leea. Perhaps you will be, too.

Trauma, of course, is usually the trigger for the spiritual healing quest, and Leea calls herself a specialist in “soul retrieval.”

“When you can't deal with the trauma,” she says, “that piece of your soul goes missing, or you’re creating a way to be because of that trauma. In soul retrieval, we basically go back and see what caused that trauma and then go in and tear up that contract that we created, and create a new contract with ourselves.

“In Shamanism,” Leea says, “it isn't so much that the shaman is a healer, but the shaman holds space for you to heal yourself.”

Leea’s repertoire includes deep dives into the Art of Dreaming, but in case this sounds like psychotherapy by any other name, well, stay tuned. Her practices include out-of-body experiences, energy-field work, and pan-cultural shamanism.

“Whether it's North American, South American, Australian Aborigine, up in Canada, or Mongolia, dreaming is always trying to leave us connected to our ancestors, to the spirit of the plants, to Mother Earth. The dream world is just one way to get into the spirit realm. … Shamanic Journeying and meditation are our doorways to that world as well. Once in the spirit world, you can manipulate the energy fields … for achieving a healing of that person's maladies.”

Leea sites a couple of key influencers:

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