Oct. 27, 2020

106 Team Concepts

106 Team Concepts

3 Co-hosts share their healing agendas

In these times of global pandemic, learning about Alternative Health Tools just might be more important than ever before. Conventional medicine obviously does not have all the answers to the mental and physical health issues and challenges posed by the Coronavirus. 

With the recent addition of Kim Shea, who joins John Biethan and Lisa Victoria as a co-host, the Alternative Health Tools team expands its reach to wellness practitioners we haven’t heard from over the first 100-plus episodes. 

In this, the first meeting of the minds between Kim and Lisa, we learn about the work they’re doing and what impact they hope to have on listeners.

Kim calls herself a coach for life’s third period, and we heard from her about that in Episode 104. Lisa is an intuitive health coach and her ultimate goal going forward is “inspiring people to think and feel differently about who they are, to be able to go out into the world and find that true voice and that true passion and not be held back and playing small.” Stay tuned to Lisa’s upcoming episodes to learn how to accomplish such lofty goals in times of physical distancing. Spoiler alert: Stress management is an important piece of the puzzle.

Based in the UK, which is no stranger to the ravages of the virus and the psychological toll of physical distancing, Lisa shares Kim’s concerns about mental health issues in society in general. “There's a lot of mental and physical anxiety so we're looking to support companies and reintegrating people and transitioning them back into the workplace.”  

For his part, John has been taking Relationship by Design courses, and his big takeaway is this: “I think compassion right now is a really important attribute to develop if you don't have it, and to understand more thoroughly if you do. So I'd like to see those conversations evolve and come about in alternative health tools for 2021.”


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