Co-hosts Lisa Thorp, John Biethan, Lisa Victoria, Kim Shea, Dr. Leslie Kasanoff, and Angie Ates discover alternative healthcare tools and explore integrative healing philosophies for both individuals and practitioners.

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About the Hosts

Angie Ates-ClarkProfile Photo

Angie Ates-Clark


Angie Ates - Clark
Is an internationally recognized speaker on the “Business of Integrative Functional Health,” helping practitioners attain multiple 6 figure incomes while living their purpose.

She specifically helps those in the Healing Arts who integrate holistic disciplines with Passion, Purpose and Profit- The Trilogy Model of a successful Integrative Practitioner.

Prior to launching the Institute of Holistic Integrative Studies, Angie spent over 20 years in Corporate Executi

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Lisa Victoria

Speaker / Coach / Author / Podcaster

After years in the corporate world on burn out, surviving to pay the bills and occasionally having some 'me' time, life struck. If I wasn't going to change, I was going to be forced to change.

Early in my 20s I was sent home from the doctor's with antidepressants and told I would end up in a wheelchair. I had to find a different way. This was through Alternative Health Tools, nutrition and alternative medicine which then led me onto qualifying to help people live their healthiest lives throu

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Leslie Kasanoff

Co-host, Health Coach & Consultant, retired Chiropractor

I’ve spent my life in healthcare, including 25 years as a holistic chiropractor and 10 years before that as a Medical Laboratory Scientist.
I made the choice to move into Alternative Health after witnessing the way in which Western Medicine has lost touch with the reality of "First, do no harm" and the realization that I was powerless to change that paradigm from within.
I then ran a holistic chiropractic practice on the Central Coast of California for about 25 years.
Recently, I’ve combin

Emma Grace Brown


My Life. My Rules. Emma Grace Brown.

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Raejan Noh

Content Writer

From my earliest days, I have adored stories. As I’ve sought to serve others throughout my life, I’ve witnessed firsthand how fictional and real-life stories shape our society, reframe one’s circumstances, and call an individual’s heart to heroism in a world desperate for heroes.

We all have a story to tell. My desire is to use my strengths in writing and editing to ensure that everyone’s “next chapter” is better than the one before.

When I’m not writing a new story, cooking a homemade re

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Sheila Johnson

Blogger, Life Coach, “Well Sheila” Community

I embarked upon my personal health and wellness journey five years ago. Picture it: an ambitious woman working at a fast-paced tech company, pulling 80-hour work weeks to climb that corporate ladder. I was making a six-figure salary, running a small team, and winning industry awards. On paper, my career looked impressive. Behind-the-scenes, however, was another story.

I was stressed out and burnt out. I barely had time to see my husband, let alone my family and friends. I was working such lon

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Kimberly Hayes

Chief Blogger at Public Health Alert

Website: http://publichealthalert.info/
Email: information@publichealthalert.info

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John Biethan

Co-host, President and producer at Imagine Podcasting dba Heard Not Seen Media, Inc.

President, producer at Imagine Podcasting dba Heard Not Seen Media, Inc.