June 6, 2021

Quality Over Quantity: How to Get Better Sleep with Kiannaa Sadge

The following material has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Kim Shea had an enlightening conversation with Kiannaa Sadge. She's an energy psychology specialist, a consultant, a strategist, and a master of results. Her clients include: the US Navy, the US Army, NASA, San Diego State University, and Qualcomm.

In this discussion, they talked about why getting proper sleep can be difficult, how sleep impacts your overall health, and what you can do to improve the quality of your sleep.

Kiannaa Sadge: An Evolution In Questions

Kim (host): Tell me about your background. How did you get to do what you're doing?

Kiannaa (guest): It really has been an evolution. I've been asking big questions since I was a little girl and I have always been interested in the quantum world, even before it became popular. I’ve always enjoyed diving into the unknown. I've done that within my own personal growth, and I do that with my clients. I feel that brings a level of integrity to my work, which I think is very powerful.

When you're talking about psychology and behavior, it’s important that whomever you're working with is working from a place of integrity. That’s how I got to where I am is just asking those questions.

I like dysfunction and I’m not afraid of dysfunction. I can see the function in the dysfunction. That’s a rich environment to make change. I have never been afraid of making changes and facing conflict head on.

I'm not afraid of challenging the status quo, of questioning it. It's brought me to where I am today.

3 Reasons Why You May Not Be Sleeping Well

Kiannaa (guest): I've always been interested in facing my fears. I think that’s really important, especially with what's happening in our entire world and when we talk about sleep issues.

Fear is a big driver of the mind and it keeps the mind working overdrive. I think it's really important that people recognize that fear is not something you allow to feed your life, but it allows you to look at where that fear is coming from. Why am I feeling fearful? You have to look at what the fear is within you. What am I afraid of? 

If you begin to ask those questions about fear and challenge your own fears, you become bold and confident. You can thrive in situations that are difficult for others, because your perspective is not about being afraid, it’s being willing to look at it.

Kim (host): I think the definition of brave is that there's fear, but you still move forward in spite of it. Are you saying you can completely conquer fear, or that you just continue to thrive in spite of the fact that there is a fearful situation?

Kiannaa (guest): Can you conquer fear? I believe you can, if you're willing to look within yourself. Fear hides and it shows up in all kinds of ways, like self-sabotage and the mind racing and perfectionism. Perfectionism is really fear, because it's the fear of making a mistake. We need to look at those things because they hold us back.

It's not about being fear-less. It's about being willing to look at the fear.

Kim (host): I know there've been a lot of reports about sleep over the last year with the pandemic and people just can't sleep. They're having bad dreams. What are the concerns that you're seeing there? Why can't people sleep well?

Kiannaa (guest): One of the biggest things that I see with my clients is that they have anxiety. Fear and anxiety go hand-in-hand. They are really driving this overactive nervous system, which causes people to lose sleep. People aren't able to wind down.

The second factor people aren't aware of is that there's an over-abundance of electromagnetic energy going on and that can really disrupt sleep.

The third thing is just pure resistance, you know? We're in our mind, we're trying to strategize, and we're resisting rest. That's gonna cause us to lose sleep.

How To Improve Your Electromagnetic Energy

Kim (host): I can see from my house that there are big power towers that are going through some neighborhoods. Is that where the electromagnetic frequency is coming from or is it coming from our cell phones?

Kiannaa (guest): Well, yes, it does come from electronics. But our thoughts are electromagnetic. If you're overactive in your mind, you're going to have a lot of electromagnetism running in your energy field.

Our energy field is not just our physical body. We have a whole span and it depends on how you're running your energy. My energy is a little bit “fluffier” than most, because I attune to my energy field every single day. I think the average person doesn't have an awareness of what things they might do to clear their field.

Paying attention to your mind being overactive is important and there are EMF protectors that you can have. I have several different products that I use around my home to help keep this energy really chill.

Kim (host): Can you give me an example of one or two things?

Kiannaa (guest): A simple one that everybody can do is playing music. I have music running on my iPad that sits in the main room and plays music at a certain Hertz. I put mine at the heart resonance of earth and play that 24/7. Now, if I'm going through something else emotionally, like a particularly challenging time where I need to feel more velocity within me, I would put a different chant on, like a sanskrit chant. I have an om chant that I use. That's a Buddhist chant. I know not everybody is open to those types of things, but those are things that I do.

3 Reasons Sleep Is Important

Kiannaa (guest): I know there are a lot of studies out there that tell us we need rest, but I don’t think a lot of people understand that our sleep is required to raise our consciousness. We're not built to rev at the high volume that we've been told we're supposed to be revving at.

Sleep is how we raise our consciousness, because there's a lot of repair work that goes on energetically when we're sleeping. When you're getting deep sleep, you're repatterning and that's what you want to do. That's what I do when I'm working one-on-one in a session with a client—I'm repatterning their entire energy field. Oftentimes, they are going to be tired after a session.

I had a client who did not tell me that they had any sleep problems at all when they came to me. They just came because they weren't sure what was wrong. They thought they had lost their purpose in life, and they didn't mention anything about sleep until after this session. They sent me an email saying, “Since I was a kid, I've never really slept. I haven't been able to sleep more than five hours. After a session with you, I slept for 12.”

Sometimes we need that reprieve to just shift and adjust. To repattern.

Kim (host): How does repatterning work?

Kiannaa (guest): I used to fly to see clients face-to-face all the time, but this work really doesn't require it.

Everything is done over the phone. I don't even use Zoom, because you don't need to be looking at me to feel the energy running through your body. What you need to be is open to receiving. I think that's the biggest thing.

A session with me is just going to be kind of like what we're doing right now. We have a conversation, and then towards the end, we'll do what I call an activation. That activation is just a time where you're sitting still and just in receive mode. When that repatterning occurs, it feels like soothing music, only you can't hear the music, you just feel the vibration and frequency shift. The worry goes away. The racing thoughts stop. It's a complete shift.

Kim (host): I have a friend who, I think, has never slept in her life. She's really struggled with it. I will tell her about you, because not being able to sleep is torture for people.

Kiannaa (guest): Not being able to sleep is painful, and pain creates resistance and that creates resistance. Anytime we are experiencing resistance to something, like sleep, you can get so frustrated and maybe so angry that you can't sleep. That's resistance. Resistance creates density and density in your energy field shows up as worry, anxiety, frustration, and being overwhelmed. That compounds our ability to not be able to rest.

When I'm working with a client, I'm clearing out a lot of that electromagnetic field for them, because it's hard to do this stuff on your own if this isn't your skillset. It's not that it can't be done by playing music in your room 24/7. It absolutely can. But people want quick and fast results. A lot of times it takes a time when you're doing things in a very technical way.

Everything in the physical starts in the non-physical. If you're addressing things in the non-physical, it's going to shift things faster than if you're doing it physically.

Sleep allows the body, the mind, and the soul to synchronize. Oftentimes we don't give space to recalibrate. I think COVID has actually helped people to reset and to recalibrate when they wouldn't have done that before. They're forced to be at home and for a lot of people that has been a struggle.

This ability to recalibrate occurs when we're in a restful space. Sleep is really good for that.

Sleep is required for consciousness. It’s required to repair. It's required to recalibrate.

Embrace Your Own Sleep Pattern

Kim (host): Let's say there's a person who is working in the middle of the night. They may have the night shift and they've got children during the day. It's not a question if they're resistant. It's just that time-wise, there are only so many hours. Is it possible to alter the way that their energy is patterned when they're sleeping, so that they're still getting a lot out of it? Or is it if you don't get eight hours, you can't be helped?

Kiannaa (guest): I think eight hours is what the scientific community is saying, but there are plenty of yogis out there who do not sleep more than two or three hours in a 24-hour period. They still have a long life. They have a very vital energy about them. It's not just because they're a yogi, it's because being still does not require a long period of time.

We're all very unique and everybody requires something different. Because I run a lot of energy for myself and for others, there are periods of time where I might sleep 10 or 12 hours at a time. My husband doesn't need that at all. He doesn't have the same type of work lifestyle that I do.

The requirement for sleep is different for everybody. Now more than ever, we need to embrace our unique ways of being and doing things. As we do that, we take the pressure off. When we take the pressure off, we get more fluid in the possibilities for ourselves.

4 Ways To Improve Your Sleep

Kim (host): How do we improve our sleep?

Kiannaa (guest): I know that there is a lot of data out there for what other people might say. I'm not a scientist by any means, but I am very experienced on how to relax and how to shift people's attention.

The first thing I would say is engaging in the conscious breath. There are a lot of people who do four breaths in, seven breaths out. I'm not that technical. I think just take a deep breath in through your mouth, exhale out, and relax into it. I'm not prescriptive, but maybe two to five minutes would be enough for you to relax.

Another tool that can calm your nervous system is chamomile tea. I think it's got a bad rap because people think it's going to put them to sleep. Chamomile tea does not put you to sleep. It just takes the nervous system and calms it down. If you are one of those people, who's a little bit anxious, chamomile tea would be a good thing for you to incorporate morning, noon, and night.

I'll recommend my clients try it for 10 days to see if they feel a difference. If they don't, then they shouldn’t do it anymore. But if they do see a difference, they should continue it. Your body will always tell you when to stop doing something because it won't resonate with it anymore.

There are some people that don't like chamomile tea. If you don't like it, don't drink it.

Kim (host): I think I had so much chamomile tea as a girl, I just don't enjoy it as much. Sometimes I work really long hours at night and when I go to bed, I just have a hard time calming down. What would you recommend in place of chamomile tea if you’re not a big fan?

Kiannaa (guest): Ashwagandha is an herb and it's got a funky spelling, but it's a life hack. You can find it in any health food store. You can find it on Amazon. You can find it anywhere.

It's going to calm your nervous system immediately. Now, depending how active you are will determine how much to take. If you feel like you need to check with your doctor, go check with your doctor. You don't need a prescription for it. You can buy it over the counter.

It is something that you would take in the morning and at night. You wouldn't just take it before going to sleep, because you want to balance your nervous system. In your case, the reason why you would be overactive is because your mind has been active, right? That's not a bad thing. You were just working, but when you have this in your system, it'll regulate it. It's a very proactive, healthy thing that you can do.

Now there are two other things that people who have chronic issues with sleep might want to look into. These are not for everybody, but I think they are  important to be aware of. One thing that will cause the nervous system to be overactive, the mind to race, or you to have brain fog is an intestinal parasite. That's usually one of the last things that most doctors will want to check, because it's not a very pretty topic. You have to do stool samples. But intestinal parasites are common and they will disrupt your entire gut biome, which changes how your whole body functions and impacts your sleep.

Kim (host): Would it just cause you to wake up a lot at night or not be able to sleep? What would be the impact?

Kiannaa (guest): Well, parasites are essentially sucking your life energy. That's what they do. They suck your life force. There are energetic parasites and there are actual physical parasites. You could get parasites from the kinds of foods that you eat, and you wouldn't even see them, but you could feel them.

If you're somebody who's tried everything for sleep, but you never checked to see if you had any parasites, this might be something you want to look into.

You could go to your doctor, or there are tests that you can order online. A lot of people don't have insurance anymore, so you could just go order your own stool test and send it in and get the results. If you do end up having an intestinal parasite, you will need a prescription to get rid of it or address your diet. You can get rid of them with foods. It's just a longer process.

The third thing that I wanted to say is probably the hardest thing for people to address, but this will improve your sleep: let go of the past.

A lot of times people spend their time in bed reflecting and reviewing. They might look at old ideas or beliefs or expectations that they had. Bed is not the best time to be making those reflections, because that will cause you to engage the mind.

Finally, if you feel like you've tried it all and nothing works for you, you could reach out to somebody like me and try a session to see if it works. It can work if you're open to receiving something new and different.

My forte is getting results. How does this woman get into an office with these admirals in the military and coach them? The reason is because I get results. They've already tried all the traditional ways and they didn't work. You need to be willing to try something different to get new results.

Part of my life purpose is to help raise consciousness and bring an easier way for organizations and people to have success in their life. It is possible, but the traditional ways don't work as easily as they used to.

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