Oct. 3, 2014

Ep. 004 Dr. Madison Mansy: Qigong - The Bliss You Plan

Ep. 004 Dr. Madison Mansy: Qigong - The Bliss You Plan

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Qigong: We’re not talking about needles, herbs or massage today. This show is about Qigong as an Integrative Medicine approach to cancer, traumas and working with caring for physical bodies, mental strengthening, awareness and spiritual coping.

Dr. Madison Mansy, DMQ gives people an experience of overcoming the side effects of cancer, addictions and other life crises. In other words . . . the side effects of life.

She talks in depth about the three bodies: physical. energetic, spiritual body and how she gives people exercises to take away from her sessions so they can learn to have self-help tools to further their healing.

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