Nov. 28, 2014

Ep. 008 Aimee Zakrewski Clark: Healer Heal Thyself

Ep. 008  Aimee Zakrewski Clark: Healer Heal Thyself

Unhealthy learning? Pull the weed. Plant the flower.

Topics covered in this show
Studied at the Body-Mind college. Aimee’s teacher was Dr. Barry Green: Healer heal thyself.
5 stages of healing using talk therapy and the problem of getting stuck in awareness: Stuck in awareness, acceptance and commitment of what’s happening, releasing and replacing. integration.
Aimee’s blog on the Huffington Post: The Healing Vigilante.
The lead therapist at the women in prison program - grief and loss.
Unhealthy learning - weeds. Identify your top 10 weeds. Identify your top 5 worst learnings. Pull the weed. Plant the flower.
The “No Stress Foundation.” Stress is not normal. It’s accepted.
The tools taught by Kat and Barry Green: Stress Relief Breathe, Chair Yoga Sequence, Reality Awareness.
You’re no longer in “reality” if you’re in the “CAJE” - Criticism, Assumption, Judgement, Evaluation.
Client example: anxiety.
A defining moment.
Nothing is harder than being a mom. Children are the best teachers I’ve had.
If the world was more accountable.

Wellness Tip
Do something other than nothing. Do a 3-minute daily check-in. What am I feeling? Connect with the feeling: mad, glad, sad, scared? Than do just one thing to take care of yourself.

Links mentioned
Aimee’s website: 
Body Mind College:
Dr. Barry Green, PhD: 
The Huffington Post:
The No Stress Foundation:
Do Something other than nothing: 
Aimee’s Facebook page: 

Contact information
Aimee Zakrewski Clark, MA
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Holistic Approach
(760) 803-3600

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