May 26, 2015

Ep. 020 Heather Hollander: A Courageous Bodacious Life

Ep. 020 Heather Hollander: A Courageous Bodacious Life

Inspire yourself to be Bodacious would love to hear your 

Founded by Heather Hollander in 2007, Bodacious Living (aka Bodacious Life) is a lifestyle brand inspiring people with wisdom and tools to have their personal best experience of life. 

Services Available: *private message to book*, Customized Wellness Program, Yoga/Meditation Classes, Personalized Yoga Therapy, True Body Intelligence, Sacred Space Design, Creative Consulting, Speaking, Writing

Topics covered in this show

  • Inspiring others to live a bodacious life! How it all started.
  • Animals are healing and master teachers and here to remind us to be light and playful.
  • How to have a bodacious life.
  • True Body Intelligence - full expression and doing all layers of yourself.
  • The creation of the video production company.
  • Heading to Australia to create the documentary working titled “Super Human.”

Wellness Tip
Nature. Move your body in nature.

Links mentioned
2013 Show Real with Burning Man Video
John Friend

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