May 18, 2016

046 Rebekah Freedom: Addiction Counseling Transform Now

046 Rebekah Freedom: Addiction Counseling Transform Now

Where the Counselor Sits between Biology and Spirituality

Rebekah Freedom is a Psychic Relationship Counselor and has spent over a decade dedicated to learning about what motivates behavior, why and how humans love and how true happiness can be born out of conflict, pain and relational issues.

Transform Now Counseling was originally going to be Free Spirit Therapy and although the first name didn’t stick the essence does. The intent of Transform Now Counseling (TNC) is to teach clients how to view their relationships as gateways to freedom, joy and true power. Further, TNC supports clients not only to understand their relationship in new ways but also supports clients to be able to skillfully communicate their wants and needs.

In turn, clients are able to repair their relationships, feel empowered after a break-up or divorce and map out a future that is in line with their unique values and priorities.

Want more? Go read Rebekah’s website here: and do check-out the quotes and links below.

Quotes (unlinked quotes may be Rebekah’s)
We are as sick as our secrets.
Addiction is separation from God. What do we do about it?
Our war is not against flesh and blood. It’s against principalities and powers.
Everything we need to be addicted exists in our body already . . . and we just amplify it through external substances.
Biology plus Spirituality = Psychology and that’s where counselors sit. In the middle of biology and spirituality.
I can’t imagine something that wouldn’t be in my capabilities to experience.
We always plan from the NOW.
The difference between waiting and patience is WAITING is believing you’re not going to get it and PATIENCE is believing you will.
Abandoning the hope that the past could have been any different than it was
My setback is my stage for my comeback
Courage is a love affair with the unknown
90% is not ours.
Death is not the worst thing. Living hell on earth and perpetuating THAT is.
We can harness our addictions to create heaven on earth through making a decision
Will, Meaning, Purpose, Direction, Empathy, Giving back, connection, connection, connection, connection, connection.
Navajo saying - The sins of the father pass the son seven generations.
When you’re a conduit you "can du it."
Is this true?
Truth feels a very particular way when it’s spoken.
Is this true is something is the guiding light, the compass for us all to live our calling.
You don’t get to skip steps. You can’t skip steps!
If the only prayer you ever say is Thank You. that will be enough.
The core place of transformation is comes through this understanding choice and decision.
Choice is the God Force within. Choice is where we experience that creator. That God inside of us.
When you’re single that’s Loves’ opportunity to help you practise wholeness.
HOMEWORK: Signs are everywhere. Synchronicities are everywhere. Miracles are always happening. Miracles are defined by anytime you choose Love over fear.

Links, books mentioned
Dr. David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD emotional scale: Power Vs. Force and Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender
Steve Maraboli
Viktor Frankl
Robert Greene and The Art Of Seduction
Byron Katie
Brene Brown
Rev. Christian Sorensen
Step Into Life: Chris Bailey Walks Across America
Ken Wilber: A Theory of Everything
This Changes Everything
Breakup Rehab - Start Over Stronger

Wellness Tip (being resourced)
Integration instead of Separation. All your experiences are valuable. The tools is GRATITUDE. The curing and transformation of addiction is taking ownership of your choices.

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