May 29, 2016

047 Rebekah Freedom: Breakup Rehab Start Over Stronger

047 Rebekah Freedom: Breakup Rehab Start Over Stronger

Love has a learning curve. We need to have a little mercy for ourselves.

This is a continuation of the 3-part series with Rebekah starting with episode 46 Addiction Counseling Transform Now AHT046: .

Rebekah Freedom wrote Breakup Rehab - Start Over Stronger for individuals who know that conventional advice isn't enough to help them heal after their breakup.

Breakup Rehab is for the lonely, the weary, the hopeless romantics, and the hopeful lovers. This book is for the divorced, divorcing, thinking of divorce, for the broken up, the breaking up, and after the break up. It has clear steps to guide you to healing after losing the love you so hoped you could hold onto. There ain’t no shame in your pain, but after a breakup it sure feels like it. And the phrases, "Get over it", "Un-friend", and "Find someone new" don’t help. Enter Breakup Rehab.

This book is for people who are sick of the same old advice, who want to truly heal after a breakup and not just repeat old patterns, and who want to know what love is; who are singing, “I want you to show me.” This book cleverly takes the traditional twelve steps and customizes them to the breaking-up process. It is candid, direct, and at times humorous. This book isn’t for people who want to spend the next few years of their life pining after their ex and who just want more of the same. Reading this book will result in real change, growth, and clarity. Buckle up. You are about to go on a journey. Destination: Breakup Rehab.

Quotes (unlinked quotes are Rebekah’s)
Addiction is something that impacts all of us. Addiction is anything you do that prevents you from feeling your feelings.
Love has a learning curve. We need to have a little mercy for ourselves.
What fires together wires together.
The seasons of the relationship.
Disposable relationships.
Dissociation and splitting.
Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps.
Stop the using and start the relating.
Gabrielle Bernstein Become The Happiest Person You Know.
Breakup Rehab - Start Over Stronger 12 Steps.
You are not your comings and goings. You are the thing witnessing your comings and goings.
Jealousy is not wanting another person to have what they have. But envy is thinking I’ll never have that. BOTH take you out of integrity.
Some relationships have an expiration date.
Feel your feelings. Maintain your integrity.
Tony Robbins - Relationship is where you show-up to give.
Start Over Stronger and Share True Connection.
No one mourns the passing of their single life.
Love looks good on you and there’s always two choices - Love or fear. So choose Love.
Next up? Teaching people how to Choose Love.

Links, books mentioned
The Onion: Brain-Dead Teen, Only Capable Of Rolling Eyes And Texting, To Be Euthanized.
Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps.
Gabrielle Bernstein's book Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles.
Gabrielle Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Masterclass.
The Course In Miracles.
Wayne Dyer.
Naropa Institute.
Deepak Chopra Center.
The Urban Dictionary.
Neil Diamond's They're Coming to America.
Breakup Rehab - Start Over Stronger.

Wellness Tip (being resourced)
Love has a learning curve. We need to have a little mercy for ourselves.

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