June 15, 2016

048 Rebekah Freedom: Choosing Love

048 Rebekah Freedom: Choosing Love

Love has a learning curve and we need to have a little mercy for ourselves


Rebekah Freedom winds-up this 3-part series following Part 1 of 3 Addiction Counseling Transform Now AHT046 and Part 2 of 3 Breakup Rehab Start Over Stronger AHT047 with this episode titled “Choosing Love.”

Notes and Quotes
The Wisdom of the Enneagram: The Complete Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for the Nine Personality Types.
Choice is moving out of the instinctual to the intentional which is how you direct your life.
From choice to choosing Love.
Loneliness is not the feeling of missing another person or thing - it’s that we’re really missing ourselves.
Love is always present and fear is the fallacy that you are separate from Love.
The best book to take us through the journey of understanding separateness, understanding fear and understanding the energy of Love is A Course In Miracles.
Katherine Woodward Thomas - Calling in The One.
On Facebook - Bernhard Guenther: Conscious Relationships.
Transactional Relationships vs. Conscious Relationship - choosing Love.
When you choose Love, you don’t hold another person hostage to being the thing that makes you feel Uplifted, Joyful, Peaceful and Secure.
Conscious Relationship is your clue that you’re choosing Love.
Dogs teach us Love. Cats not so much.
When we choose Love, it opens our eyes to what Heaven On Earth really looks like.
Vegan Erin Janus.
The danger of “If I Only Then, I Could.” Instead find Purpose.
The Alchemy of Purpose.
Breaking down purpose. First recognize you are not an accident. The exercise and simple answer? Stop and breathe. Bring attention to your breath and know that you just contacted life-force energy.
Danielle Laporte - The Desire Map
You can choose Love by just breathing, meditating, journaling and taking that space to access the thing that we’re most lonely for: your Essential Self.
Essential Self: the you that is watching the comings and goings; the thing that is always there, patiently waiting to find the moment to be fully expressed.
So . . . choose Love.

Wellness Tip (being resourced)
Choose Love.

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