July 2, 2016

050 Daniel Walker: Human Slavery To Human Freedom

050 Daniel Walker: Human Slavery To Human Freedom

Fighting from a place of wholeness, self-compassion and acceptance knowing that I am enough


Daniel Walker
is a former Police Detective who for nine years investigated the sex trafficking of women and children in more than a dozen countries. Working on a covert basis Daniel infiltrated organized criminal networks responsible for the exploitation of women and children in the global multi billion-dollar commercial sex industry. His efforts resulted in the rescue of hundreds of victims and the successful prosecution of many perpetrators.

In 2012 Daniel founded Nvader, a New Zealand initiative designed to effectively combat human trafficking around the world. His work has been cited in numerous local publications as well as internationally in both books, TED talks and television documentaries. Daniel communicates a powerful message of humanity, freedom and hope and covers topics that include the following:

Behind Enemy Lines: Celebrating our freedom as human beings to choose our response, irrespective of the circumstances. Sharing from his own experiences as an undercover agent inside organised crime rings trafficking in women and children, Daniel shares his own secrets for overcoming doubt and disappointment, turning apparent adversity and failure into opportunities for growth and development. Daniel’s chilling experiences become the platform from which your own team can be inspired and empowered to greater resilience, stamina and performance.

Courage Under Fire: Experiencing fear and going through it to greater levels of commitment and engagement. The terror experienced by those enslaved inside the modern day slave trade, as well as their courage, provided both the catalyst and the path to Daniel as he wrestled with his own anxiety and fear in the face of discovery and imminent death. Anxiety and fear are the plague of any company seeking to create new and innovative solutions. Daniel provides unexpected solutions to everyday problem solving and personal achievement in the workplace.

From Slavery to Freedom: Unleashing the powerful link between self-compassion and performance. Evidence suggests that low self-compassion is a primary cause of workplace conflict, low morale and poor performance. Daniel communicates how he was able to transform his own mindset into more resilient self-compassion in order to operate successfully within the traumatic and stressful environments he worked in. Find out how self-compassion can transform both your working relationships and goal driven outcomes.

Fighting "from" Freedom: Clarifying the lenses through which we see ourselves and others in order to build a stronger brand and a more successful corporate culture. So much time and so many resources are wasted in the pursuit of our own short-term personal ambitions, often at the expense of the overall long-term desired outcomes. Daniel outlines the three simple yet transformational steps to be taken in moving a company from a place of hustling for its worthiness to shining in its abundance.

Daniel has inspired audiences around the world with his unique experiences, challenging content and grounded transparency. His ability to engage both small groups and large conferences has made him a sought after speaker and presenter.

Wellness Tip
Ask How can I live today from a place of freedom? Where do I need to fill-up that place within me?

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