Aug. 2, 2016

053 Dave Lesinski: Ayurvedic Based Emotional Wellness Coaching

053 Dave Lesinski: Ayurvedic Based Emotional Wellness Coaching

Transformational Healing with Dave Lesinski

Dave Lesinski is a gifted healer that seems to magically blend practical wisdom with deep intuitive guidance. The work he does has affected me on so many levels - physically, spiritually and mentally. My sessions with him have been transformative, to say the least. With Dave’s guidance, I have integrated many things into my life that have helped ease my anxieties, soothe my belly, and propel me further into the fulfilling life that I know I’m meant to be living. - Erin Floresca, CA

“Skepticism is a good thing…it causes people to go out and experience things for themselves. Read, discuss, view…but most importantly feel.” – Dave Lesinski (the Esoteric Nerd)

Dave’s blog covers a wide variety of useful topics including Ayurveda, Children's Corner, Consciousness Cocktails, Herbs/Food/Diet, Larger Lessons Therapies, Motivation, Radiant Living Strategies, Relationships, Secrets from Table, Spiritual Side of Things, Strategies for Success, Stress Management and The Subtle-Energy Body.

Wellness Tip
Slow down. Stop and take 5 minutes.

Links or mentions
Meditation for Teachers and School Staff Members
Mentor Doctor Paul Dugliss from New World Ayurveda
Working with autistic kids
Erik Weber So Cal Special Olympics
Finest City IMPROV North Park San Diego

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Dave Lesinski, R.A.P., M.A.ED
1106 2nd St. #205
Encinitas CA 92024
Meditation for Teachers and School Staff Members

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