Oct. 18, 2016

057 Katherine Bird: Awakening The Healers Process For Self Or Others

057 Katherine Bird: Awakening The Healers Process For Self Or Others

Warrior, Healer and Lover

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Katherine (Kat) Bird has Traveled A Path of Warrior, Healer and Lover.

“At one time, I was completely shut off to Spirit, in a lot of physical and emotional pain and not able to comprehend following my truth. I was lost. I made a commitment to heal myself and find out who I was.

I experienced a massive spiritual awakening that forced me into practice, presence, meditation, movement, gathering knowledge, healing trauma and pain and listening to the messages. I struggled within my awakening for many years. For that I am grateful. Because it made me seek teachers, guides and practices.

I dove into intense study with masters of Anatomy and Physiology, movement and sacred dance, Alchemy, Yoga, Shamanism, meditation, channeling, structural to-the-bone body-work, Body Rolling, energy practices, herbalism and nutrition, Reiki, Tantra and other modalities.

I have integrated these aspects with my own inner remembrances and explorations to offer healing and guidance for those ready to evolve.

My path now is very clear. I am here to help guide you toward your own healing and awakening and to constantly challenge myself in my own growth.

My clients come to me already knowing that there is something inside that they must explore. They know there are places inside of us which fall asleep - shut down through trauma, faulty belief systems and lack of practice. They long to reconnect with their intrinsic magic, feel their primal nature and listen to the callings of their soul.
But, for reasons they can’t fully understand, they haven’t yet found a way to awaken the sleeping places. They find it difficult to be conscious, have deep relationships and feel joy and peace. They’ve dabbled with spiritual practices. They’re tired of white rabbits.

My clients are waking up. This process of awakening can be confusing and intense. I’ve been there. Everything changes and they need tools and information.”

Wellness Tip
Stop. And breath. That’s it. Just stopping and breathing . . . taking a few deep breaths in your belly.

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