June 24, 2017

071 Dr. David: Discovering Your Magnificent Mind

071 Dr. David: Discovering Your Magnificent Mind

Finding Freedom, Prosperity and Healing


Dr. David is an in-demand public speaker and can be found on stages and speaking at conferences, retreats and workshops across the United States and in Canada.

David draws from his nearly forty years of public service in three fields (law enforcement, priesthood and therapist) to inspire audiences large and small and show people how to realize the life of their dreams.

Dr. James has spoken to audiences as large as 10,000 people and conducts intimate retreats with as few as 15, but no matter the size, attendees report having a personal connection that stays with them long after the event concludes.

While a police officer he spoke to community and service groups, but his passion was addressing teens in packed-out auditoriums and encouraging them to reach their highest potential as member of society. From topics as diverse as drug-abuse awareness to enlisting them to build a more just and engaged community, David never failed to inspire young people to be their best.

As an Episcopal priest, David preached weekly in faith communities large and small to help people integrate their faith into their daily life. Preaching in small country churches and metropolitan cathedrals David used a combination of inspiration, humor and real-life stories to connect his audience with their own connection to Divinity.

From the early 90’s, David conducted interfaith retreats for men who were on the journey of becoming their most authentic self. Having published two books on the spiritual life of men, he spoke to the yearning of men who wanted to break free of the limiting culture landscape of contemporary masculinity.

For the past five years, David has been speaking about the power of our Magnificent Mind and has been a featured presenter at professional gatherings of physicians, therapists and social workers. His ability to communicate profound insights in a simple and engaging manner makes him a sought-after speaker on both the professional and inspirational circuit.

Wellness Tip

Relax. Find a way every day to “dial-down.”

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