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Dec. 30, 2016

Ep. 062 Christopher Babayode: Farewell Jet Lag

Jet Lag Cures from a Flight Attendant

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Dec. 16, 2016

Ep. 060 Gerise Pappas: Enneagram Wisdom Path To Meeting Yourself

A Perfect Episode For Our Challenging Times

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Dec. 6, 2016

Ep. 059 Ashley Mazanec: Let’s Talk About the Weather

Ashley Mazanec is a trusted voice in the movement towards a compassionate economy

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Nov. 1, 2016

Ep. 058 Gerise Pappas: Enneagram Wisdom The Alchemy of You

9 Essential Archetypes Of Awakening

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Sept. 28, 2016

Ep. 056 Dr. Ginger: Real Truth In Health Information From Dr. Ginger

Passion for Unbrainwashing, Reeducating, and giving you back the Power Of Great Health

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Sept. 13, 2016

Ep. 055 Joanna White: Episcopal Healing Energy Experiences

Get over it. It's only cotton candy.

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Aug. 29, 2016

Ep. 054 Serena Goldsmith: Crohn's And Bipolar Disorder A Story Of Hop…

Recovery is remembering who you are and using your strengths to become all that you were meant to be

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Aug. 2, 2016

Ep. 053 Dave Lesinski: Ayurvedic Based Emotional Wellness Coaching

Transformational Healing with Dave Lesinski

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July 23, 2016

Ep. 052 Alisha Olivier Park: Tranquility Wellness Center And School O…

Healed Healers and Authentic Teachers. Better to be whole than good or perfect.

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July 16, 2016

Ep. 051 Kerri Lake: Tools For An Awakening World

Facilitating a paradigm shift for Lisa Thorp

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July 2, 2016

Ep. 050 Daniel Walker: Human Slavery To Human Freedom

Fighting from a place of wholeness, self-compassion and acceptance knowing that I am enough

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June 14, 2016

Ep. 048 Rebekah Freedom: Choosing Love

Love has a learning curve and we need to have a little mercy for ourselves

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May 28, 2016

Ep. 047 Rebekah Freedom: Breakup Rehab Start Over Stronger

Love has a learning curve. We need to have a little mercy for ourselves.

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May 18, 2016

Ep. 046 Rebekah Freedom: Addiction Counseling Transform Now

Where the Counselor Sits between Biology and Spirituality

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May 9, 2016

Ep. 045 RegalaMia: Homeless And Worthy Music Heals

Reawakening humanity, one song at a time

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