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Chris & Joe Claussen


Brothers Chris and Joe Claussen’s journey into cognitive health and wellness began 25 years ago, as they witnessed their grandfather, a once sharp-minded entrepreneur, succumb to Alzheimer’s disease. Eventually, their father suffered from the same fate, and they discovered they were next, after genetic tests showed they had the strongest risk factor gene for Alzheimer's (ApoE4).

As their father’s health declined over the course of 10 years, they became determined to figure out what could be done to change the course for themselves and their families. They immersed themselves in finding answers, and discovered the brain-boosting power of lion’s mane mushrooms.

As their father was showing no sign of improvement, they decided to begin testing the impact of mushrooms on him. After a few weeks of experimentation, for the first time in over a year, their father got up on his own, wrapped his arms around their mother, and said “Honey, thank you for taking such good care of me.” Chris and Joe were amazed.

Now, they saw the potential of mushrooms to truly improve brain function and structure against aging, and felt a responsibility to bring this knowledge into the mainstream, in order to help others not suffer the same fate as their father and grandfather.

Chris and Joe shared a vision for creating a consumer brand that would harness the power of mushrooms to help people improve their brain health and cognition. They created First Person to introduce more people to the power of functional mushrooms, and to create the most effective products available on the market today.