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Dr. Shaina Cahill


Dr. Shaina is the Director of Medical Communications and Affairs at Novel Biome, where she looks to expand public awareness of the safety and efficacy of FMT and the importance of the gut microbiome. Shaina is passionate about medical education and alternative medicines that utilize the body's innate systems. Shaina has a Ph.D. in neuroscience from the University of British Columbia and has published research papers on various topics, including the gut-brain connection.

Here are some topics I could talk on:
-The microbiome: Why it is important, What can go wrong, What affects the microbiome
-The gut-brain-connection
FMT: What it is, Methods and safety, Donor screening
FMT as a treatment for: ASD, other disease states and areas of unmet clinical need gaining broader interest (IBS, IBD, neurological conditions)
- Autologous FMT (Bank your Biome): Benefits to storing your gut microbiome, Aging and the gut microbiome, Effects of diet on your gut