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Leslie Kasanoff

Health Coach & Consultant, retired Chiropractor

I’ve spent my life in healthcare, including 25 years as a holistic chiropractor and 10 years before that as a Medical Laboratory Scientist.
I made the choice to move into Alternative Health after witnessing the way in which Western Medicine has lost touch with the reality of "First, do no harm" and the realization that I was powerless to change that paradigm from within.
I then ran a holistic chiropractic practice on the Central Coast of California for about 25 years.
Recently, I’ve combined the “science geek” side of me and the alternative care practitioner to help people, mostly women through health coaching and consulting. I work with women who want to lose weight, address hormone issues, and resolve or reverse chronic health issues, not just treat them, using food and lifestyle as medicine.
The things that make me successful with this new endeavor are being what I call an ‘idealistic skeptic,’ having a science mind but a caring heart and a passion for helping people with simple effective tools. This gives me the willingness to dive deep and uncover what works and help my client tailor it to her needs and individual tastes and goals. (I like to tell people there are no 'have to eat' foods or 'have to do' exercises.)
My coaching helps women dig deep to uncover the authentic motivational factors that are under the surface. The ones that will keep her motivated to make long-term health changes; not just look good at the event next month or next year.
I love working with people that want to live with energy and vitality; doing the things they love until the day they die.