Ep. 020 Heather Hollander: A Courageous Bodacious Life

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Heather Hollander

in 2007 founded Bodacious Living (aka Bodacious Life) and is a lifestyle brand inspiring people with wisdom and tools to have their personal best experience of life.

Services Available

*private message to book*, Customized Wellness Program, Yoga/Meditation Classes, Personalized Yoga Therapy, True Body Intelligence, Sacred Space Design, Creative Consulting, Speaking, Writing Inspiring others to live a courageous bodacious life! How it all started. Animals are healing and master teachers and here to remind us to be light and playful. How to have a bodacious life. True Body Intelligence - full expression and doing all layers of yourself. The creation of the video production company. Heading to Australia to create the documentary working titled “Super Human.”

Wellness Tip

Nature. Move your body in nature.

Links mentioned

2013 Show Real with Burning Man VideoJohn Friend

Contact information

Heather Hollander Heather@lightworkscreative.tv Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bodaciousliving