Ep. 028 Tonya Ruddick: Ashtanga Yoga Breath And Mind

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Tonya Ruddick

is a KPJAYI Authorized Ashtanga yoga teacher based in Los Angeles, CA USA. Tonya is currently teaching privately in LA and has taught in Seoul, Dubai and across the US. In 2007 Tonya set off to travel the world. It was during this time that she was first introduced to the Ashtanga yoga method. She has been a dedicated student ever since. Tonya spent the next seven years living in Asia and immersed herself in the study of Eastern philosophy, Ashtanga yoga and vipassana meditation. She continues to travel to Mysore, India each year to study with her teacher, R. Sharath Jois at the KPJ Ashtanga Yoga Institute. Ashtanga yoga is based on a series of 6 sets with each set as a sequence of movements and taught slowly over a period of time. Lisa and Tonya talk about the panic breath of those with anxiety, breath as the direct link to our minds, each of the nine different drishtee focal points in Ashtanga yoga which have a corresponding looking point, the breath as the sound of yoga and finally - the practice is the teacher.

Wellness Tip

Take some time out for yourself every day - and breathe.

Links mentioned

R. Sharath Jois at the KPJ Ashtanga Yoga Institute

Contact information

Tonya Ruddick TsRuddick@gmail.com 760-684-9081 http://www.tonyaruddick.com/ Tonya on Instagram