Ep. 016 Rickie Lee Ryan: Autism And Microcurrent 4 Kids

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Rickie Lee Ryan, MS, CCLS

Autism and Microcurrent 4 Kids Results. 93% positive results from her initial studies using the ProScope with kids. Kids love the sessions. Rickie’s background in Child Life, Early Intervention and Pediatric Hospice. There goes the train! Rickie inspired from a very early age working with children. Case study: nonverbal 6-year old autistic boy. The device supports the body in healing itself. Absorbable energy. Hope for the future.

Wellness Tip

Give protein in the morning to your children for emotional stability.

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Microcurrent 4 Kids IntellBio Proscope

Contact information

Rickie Lee Ryan, MS, CCLS Founder / Lead Practitioner 1285 Stone Dr #102 San Marcos, CA 92078 Office: 858-367-9108 Cell: 702-277-2247 rickielee@microcurrenthealing.comwww.microcurrent4kids.com