Ep. 044 Mel Robertson: De-Cluttering Spaces And Becoming A Happiness Seeking Missile

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Mel Robertson is De-Cluttering Spaces

and getting you organized from the inside out.

From within herself Mel Robertson has experienced both extremes:

"When I am under stress I can be chaotic, cluttered and disorganized and when I am relaxed, I can be calm, clear and grounded. That’s why I love doing what I do. It’s what I have been challenged with mastering within myself in this lifetime. And what I’ve learned is that in order to create lasting change on the outside, it has to start from within. For me, my external environment and the clutter that I lived with was a reflection of what was going on inside of me. I held onto everything and kept it stuffed away inside. I didn’t share my feelings with anyone. My clutter developed as a protective barrier to keep others out. The layers of scar tissue and armor I built around me kept me from experiencing any true joy and happiness. Because not only did my defenses keep others out. It kept me out too! My clutter kept me disconnected from myself. What allowed me to experience lasting change was becoming willing to get intimate with my internal clutter. Meaning all of those pent up unprocessed emotions I was holding onto, the walls I built etc. I had to be willing to meet myself where I was at. It was scary and unfamiliar, but it has been an amazing journey. And now that journey has led me to share what I’ve learned with you by creating De-Cluttering Spaces: A De-Cluttering Service unlike any other! De-Cluttering Spaces is about teaching you how to clear away anything that is blocking your natural Essence from shining through, so that you can learn to truly release what is no longer serving you, and live the life that you came here to live. Learning to access your natural Essence is where your true power of letting go comes from. Your Happiness Awaits!"

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Becoming A Happiness Seeking Missile

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