Ep. 055 Joanna White: Episcopal Healing Energy Experiences

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Joanna White

is an Episcopal Priest and has worked in psychiatry, addiction, forensic and was a chaplain on a trauma team. Today’s casual conversation with dear friend and energy healer Tara Tylicki is all about helping and healing

  • Partnering with people in their physical and spiritual health.
  • The sacrament of sacred presence.
  • Blessing the food and intuitive cooking.
  • The monastery in the city movement.
  • A defining moment where everything changed: Look. You got a problem? Go talk to Moses. He was stuck for forty years. Get over it.
  • Get over it. It's only cotton candy.
  • Becoming a Priest.
  • If the heart’s not on board, where is the energy coming from?
Tara Tylicki

Tara Tylicki, HHP, CMT

a Holistic Health Practitioner has been actively training for over 17 years in techniques of healing for your Body, Mind, and Soul. She has traveled the world in her studies going to such amazing places as Peru, Tibet, Nepal, South Africa, Egypt, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and even to some powerful places in the USA such as Sedona, AZ and the Hawaiian Islands. She has been honored to have studied with Peruvian, Hawaiian, Native American, Amazon, Ecuadorian, Aboriginal, Tibetan, Zulu, and other Indigenous Medicine People.

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