Ep. 011 Lorenzo Hagerty: The History And Future of Cannabis And Psychedelics In Medicine

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Lorenzo Hagerty

The future of cannabis and psychedelics in medicine. Cannabis for sleep, pain management and tumors. All about the therapeutic benefits against PTSD and usage case studies of MDMA “Ecstasy.” Lorenzo is the self proclaimed “Carnival Barker” at the Psychedelic Salon podcast which started in 2005 with lectures from Burning Man. The cultural gold of Terence McKenna, Timothy Leary and Ralph Abrahams revealed. Mondo 2000. Synchronicity tells you you’re on the right track. What’s next? AyahuascaJonathan Ott

Wellness Tip

Have a relaxed attitude. Keep your mind knowing what’s good in the world. Be transformational.

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Contact information

Lorenzo Hagerty lorenzo@matrixmasters.com