Ep. 018 Dr. Madison Mansy: Medical Qigong Energy Based Medicine

Bonus Video!

Madison Mansy, D.M.Q.

About Medical Qigong - energy based medicine. Dino Miaolo story - stress related anxiety and panic attacks. Andy Peltz story - a divorce which went better than the marriage until a child custody issue came up. Helping others overcome anxiety, stress and physical pain. Finding the right practitioner.

Wellness Tip

Breathe correctly. Eliminate negative self-talk. Tools for wellness.

Links mentioned

The Bali Floating Leaf Five Branches University in San Jose

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Contact information

Madison Mansy, D.M.Q. (Chinese Medicine Doctor, Instructor, Public Speaker) Life Crisis - Cancer, Death, Divorce Overcome - Emotional and Physical Pain Improve - Movement, Meditation and Mood Special Workshops for corporate and healthcare employees to prevent BURNOUT Direct: 415-678-8867 www.MansyCare.com Serving San Diego and Orange County, CA